Working through stress and building resilience, with Dr. Deborah Gilboa

We’ve all heard the phrase “The only constant is change,” and it can be difficult, stressful and unsettling. In this episode, Dr. Deborah Gilboa shares using a growth mindset to reframe our attitudes towards change and help us navigate life with renewed intention and purpose.

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Jackie Ferguson (PODCAST INTRO): You’re listening to the “Diversity Beyond the Checkbox” podcast. I’m your host Jackie Ferguson, certified diversity executive writer, human rights advocate, and co-founder of the diversity movement. On this podcast, I’m talking to trailblazers, game changers and glass ceiling breakers who share their inspiring stories, lessons learned and insights on business inclusion, and personal development. 

Jackie Ferguson: Hello, and thank you for tuning into the diversity beyond the checkbox podcast. My guest is Dr. Deborah Gilboa for as many referred to her Dr. G. Dr. G practices family medicine at Squirrel Hill Health Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. And as a resilience expert, and Keynote Speaker having appeared on today, Good Morning, America, the doctors and Rachael Ray. She has also contributed to outlets like Washington Post, the New York Times and Huffington Post, among other publications. Dr. G, thank you so much for joining us. 

Deborah Gilboa: Thanks for having me, Jackie. I’m really happy to be here.

Jackie Ferguson: Yes, I’m so excited about this conversation. And just a note for our listeners to know that my parents are from Pittsburgh, and so close ties there. My mom grew up in Homewood.

Deborah Gilboa: Which is near to my neighborhood.

Jackie Ferguson: So that’s awesome. So excited about that. That’s very cool. Well, I’m so glad that you’re here and excited about this conversation. And Dr. G, I always like to ask for our guests to talk a little about themselves. Tell me about you, your family, your identity, your background, whatever you’d like to share.

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